Building Bridges

In article entitled “Mentor Your Boss,” in the WSJ, the author briefly examines new ways that younger employers are contributing at work. A lot of the commentary surrounding the United States’ newest generation of workers has focused on the negative aspects of this ADD-addled group. No deep motivation to get the job done, wanting a raise right off the bat, the need for immediate recognition and ego-stroking. These characteristics have been broadly attributed to an entire generation of young adults, who are entering the job market in record numbers during a deep recession.

Employers are finding out that these whipper-snappers have a huge edge in figuring out how to maximize exposure & efficiency on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Managers are turning to younger employees for new-media marketing solutions.

It’s a brief article, but worth the quick read. To me, the most important concept here is for younger employees to establish a “real” connection with their managers. A CEO who was interviewed for the article said, “Usually, I’m mentoring [younger] employees. This gives them this…powerful opportunity to mentor me so that I get to know them and to respect the talent that they have.”

Ultimately, the Olds are going to catch up with the Youngs in certain respects. How hard is it to set up a blog or a Facebook page? Not very. What’s important here is that bridges are being built between the generations to facilitate learning, improvement and a mutual understanding.

The Youngs and the Olds are going to need those communication bridges for the great Social Security Debates coming soon to a Town Hall near you!

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