DWA 25,000

No, this isn’t the price level on some new-fangled unweighted index.  It’s the number of views we’ve had of our blog over the past few months.  We appreciate that you and hundreds of other investors have made www.systematicrelativestrength into one of your financial sites of choice and one of the thought leaders in relative strength investing.  We will try to continue to provide you with original content, articles and news pertaining to relative strength and global trends,  and to continue to give you our unique spin on the relative strength style of investing.

We hope there will be even more value for you down the road.  We are exploring ways to package audiovisual presentations for you and/or your clients, so that may be the next frontier.  In everything we do, our intent is to inform, entertain, and provoke thought and discussion.  We hope we are succeeding, but if you have feedback–positive or negative–we’d love to hear from you.  Success is never final and we’re always looking for ways to improve.

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