Investors Are Green

But advisors rarely mention socially responsible investing (SRI) to them.  That’s one of the findings of a recent study by Allianz Global Investors.  It may just be that advisors are mostly focused on the investment merits of various items and assume that’s what the only thing there clients are concerned about as well.  Advisors certainly don’t want to offend clients by pushing SRI on them, so perhaps they just steer clear of the whole issue.  It does seem, however, that SRI is appealing to more clients than you might guess.

In that regard, most advisors are probably not even aware that we run a Systematic Relative Strength SRI Core equity product.  The social screening is done for us by KLD Research and Analytics.  We simply apply our core equity process to the screened universe.  The portfolio metrics are almost identical to the metrics for our (much more popular) non-SRI Core portfolio.  Maybe more clients would be interested in it if they knew it was available.

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